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    EFFECT NK 4-43+AA A fertilizer rich in potassium, nitrogen and free amino acids. Provides the plant with necessary nutrients, especially potassium, which is difficult to absorb in bad climate and soil conditions. It should be used at the stages of the highest potassium demand, especially during fruit formation and ripening. VIVAEXTRACT 360+ Bioactivator with a large amount of fulvic acids, amino acids and seaweed extract. It contains biostimulating components that are easily and quickly absorbed by the plant. Recommended for all growing phases, especially when stressed by environmental conditions and/or transplanting.

    High quality and higher yields

    Intense flowering

    Prevention of potassium and nitrogen deficiency

    Ensuring optimal plant growth and development

    Improves soil structure.

    Increases absorption of nutrients and NPK

    Ensures the development of the root system in any crop

    It promotes the development of microbial flora, promotes root growth and improves root respiration


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