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    We, VIVA Fertilis (formerly AGROCONSULT LT), started back in 2011. Since then, we have only been trading various fertilizing products.

    Over a period of about 10 years, we represented more than one well-known brand and jointly developed quality formulas for liquid fertilizers. As the market changed, we sought manufacturers who would meet our highest requirements and exceed customers’ expectations. After long and fruitless searches, we finally decided to take action ourselves.

    In 2017, we began testing various fertilizers and their production technologies in cooperation with Lithuanian and international scientific institutions. Since 2017, we have invested over €140,000 in efforts to optimize research on new fertilizers and their compositions. What’s the end result?

    In 2021, we officially expanded our operations as manufacturers of liquid fertilizers, biostimulants, and water improvement products. Our factory is capable of producing 2.5 million litres of liquid fertilizers per year and successfully launched in the Baltic states. Ultimately, we brought farmers what they needed most – quick and exceptional production that responds to each individual’s needs.

    What are we doing today?

    We actively participate in foreign exhibitions and maintain close relationships with local and foreign partners, raw material suppliers, farmers, etc. That’s why we have a strong sense of the market and quickly modify and implement even better products.

    So stop wasting your time looking for the perfect liquid fertilizer formula. Offer your clients an entirely unlimited and unique choice of products for the best price. We’ll take care of everything – from the submission of an individual idea to delivery to your warehouse. Contact our team now.

    Good Harvest Begins with Care

    Fast and unique production
    12 years of experience in agriculture
    2.5 million liters annual production
    +50 unique fertilizer & biostimulant formulas

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